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Huang Yong Ping, <span class="wac_title">Long Drawing of the Bat Project</span> (detail)
Long Drawing of the Bat Project
watercolor on paper
13 x 220 1/2 x 13 in. (33 x 560.1 x 33 cm)


Watch your back, Betty.
Paul Schmelzer
Fri, 02 Dec 2005

Visitors to House of Oracles over the next few days will notice unusual behavior from the blood red-legged tarantula–dubbed Betty by our gallery monitors–in Huang Yong Ping’s installation The Wise Man Learns from the Spider How to Spin a Web (she’s enclosed in the cage above the table in this photo): the spider has flipped […] read more »

Huang Yong Ping


Huang Yong Ping, <span class="wac_title">Wheel</span>
Change Is the Rule
Hou Hanru

Huang Yong Ping’s art is an entire ontology in itself. It’s a universe unto itself, and like the universe itself, it’s a complex system generated out of paradox and perplexity, which endow it with ultimate dynamism and vitality. His art is powerful but intelligent, revealing the essence of... read more »


Beuys, Joseph

1. German artist and teacher and arguably one of the most important and influential figures in postwar art. Beuys redefined art making as a nonrarified, democratic creative activity, which he termed “social sculpture.” In his work, the artist was reimagined and... read more »

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