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Huang Yong Ping, <span class="wac_title">Python</span>
55 1/16 x 945 x 96 in. (139.9 x 2400.3 x 243.8 cm)

A snake’s skeleton—40 meters (131 feet) long, 2.5 meters (98 1/2 inches) wide, and 1.4 meters (55 inches) high—cuts through a bridge (the Müblenbrücke) in Hann Münden. It goes up and down, and winds its way in and out of the water. As a Chinese saying goes, “Where there are high mountains... read more »


Watch your back, Betty.
Paul Schmelzer
Fri, 02 Dec 2005

Visitors to House of Oracles over the next few days will notice unusual behavior from the blood red-legged tarantula–dubbed Betty by our gallery monitors–in Huang Yong Ping’s installation The Wise Man Learns from the Spider How to Spin a Web (she’s enclosed in the cage above the table in this photo): the spider has flipped […] read more »

Huang Yong Ping


Huang Yong Ping, <span class="wac_title">Wheel</span>
Change Is the Rule
Hou Hanru

Huang Yong Ping’s art is an entire ontology in itself. It’s a universe unto itself, and like the universe itself, it’s a complex system generated out of paradox and perplexity, which endow it with ultimate dynamism and vitality. His art is powerful but intelligent, revealing the essence of... read more »


South-Pointing Chariot

1. The south-pointing chariot, or compass cart, is said to have been invented in prehistoric China, during the time of Huangdi (“Yellow Emperor,” one of legendary morally perfect “Five Emperors,” who is traditionally said to have ruled from 2698 until 2598 B.C.E.).... read more »

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