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Huang Yong Ping, <span class="wac_title">Passage</span>

Huang Yong Ping, Passage
The idea for this project came from the experience a non-Westerner often has when traveling in the West. Nowadays when we travel, especially as we pass through customs in airports, we are often confronted with the question of “identity.” The two signs that we see at passport control, “EU Nationals” and “Others,” symbolize in a certain way contemporary concepts of nation. All countries try to distinguish “us” from “them.” Passage—entry—passport control signs—cage—lion: they all share similar meanings. This project was inspired by the exhibition space itself, with its two doors situated side by side. Consequently, I transformed these two doors into customs control at the airport. Because I wasn’t allowed to use real lions in the exhibition space, I represented them by using cages containing their smell—their feces and the carcasses they left behind. To get into the exhibition space, the public had to choose a door, either “EC Nationals” (us) or “Others” (them), as if they were going through immigration control. Whichever door they chose, however, they inevitably had to go through a lion’s “smell.” —HYP

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